Happy Tales

We are always thrilled to celebrate every cat or kitten finding his or her forever family, whether it happened when we first opened or just last week. You can now submit your own Happy Tale as well as read about lots of other Happy Cats at home.

Punkin’ has settled in, she now knows that this is her only home; has overcome the separation anxiety […]

Punkin’ Content at Home

Carlos (Jose) and Raul are enjoying the holidays with their big sister Pickles! They are such good, happy […]

Carlos and Raul Christmas

Umbra and Stellar were born to a feral mom who had them up underneath the siding in a […]

Stellar & Umbra

Barely out of kittenhood herself, Endora was a Teen Mom who was found trying to keep herself and […]

Amazing Daisy

Dini and Blaine were part of a group of 10 kittens being raised outside by their two moms. […]

Dini & Blaine at home

This young lady’s world came crashing down on her several months ago. I think this little guy is […]

Early Christmas

Around December 1st, someone heard a cat crying in a basketball court. They assumed she couldn’t find her […]

Typhaine reunited

Cherry and her sister Zoey were raised together in a home with too many cats. By the time […]

Cherry on top

Samuel had a lot of moves with his Air Force family and was ready for a quiet retirement […]

Samuel & Sal

As you can see from this picture, Denzel and Rudy look like they have been friends their whole […]

Denzel and Rudy

Imagine you are a little black kitten named Pekoe, living with your siblings in a wonderful foster family […]

Pekoe is home

As you can see, beautiful green-eyed Sandy is on top of the world in her new home. Sandy […]

Green-eyed Sandy

Skidoo came to Happy Cats after her person died. A neighbor had been going to the house to […]

Skittles & Shadow

Peaches was once a young man’s cherished cat, along with another cat friend. Then life happened and he […]

Peaches blossoms

Toby came to Happy Cats when he was found abandoned outside as a catolescent. He was always a […]

Toby and friends

Simon and Garfunkel’s mom had them outside in a garage, where they were found along with another litter […]

Simon & Garfunkel

Anyone who loves tabbies knows they can sometimes take your breath away. Riley is that tabby, with her […]

Riley in Wonderland

Aja came to us as a single kitten, an orphan who was found with another younger family of […]

Aja & Starsky

Lizzy was rescued from an abusive owner after he locked her out in December of 2011 when she […]


On February 22nd 2012 you had posted a group of kittens known as the Charlie Brown gang. We […]

Charlie and Sally (Sassy)

Bibs and Tony were two baby kittens from different litters that found a perfect friendship in one another. […]

Bibs and Tony

Gandalf was found outside Happy Cats, a big handsome silver cat who had obviously been abandoned for a […]

Yuri at home

Figaro came to Happy Cats with his sister Dove, a handsome little tuxedo boy with a naturally crooked […]


Sonny was abandoned in Rockrimmon when his people moved and left him behind. He managed to avoid the […]


Big silver Evan was the confident, doting uncle to lots of kittens, cats, puppies and dogs over the […]

Little Orphan Evan

Beautiful Maine Coon mix Chloe was adopted from another shelter and then abandoned by her adopter with her […]


Sandman came to us when his guardian had to downsize and move and couldn’t take him with her. […]


Bob came to Happy Cats after he was found abandoned outside a local motel with an injured leg. […]


Cleo initially came to Happy Cats Haven as a kitten but came back to us when her family […]


Oreo came to Happy Cats Haven when one of her elder owners became sick, they had to move, […]


Hope and Frey came to Happy Cats Haven when they were found outside, as itty bitty kittens, with […]

Hope and Freya

Mercy and Tim Tim came to Happy Cats Haven when their owner was no longer able to take […]

Mercy and Tiny Tim

Rio came to Happy Cats after he was found in a downtown feral colony but was obviously not […]


Bubbee came to Happy Cats when he was being bullied by another cat at his former home. This […]


Cheetos came to Happy Cats after being found outside in a mobile home park in Woodland Park. There […]


In 2011, Roxy was living in a very small house with two other cats and two large dogs. […]

Lady Gaga

You led us purposefully up the road, stopping to rest when you needed, sometimes in sun, sometimes in […]

Johnny the Sams

Alice came to Happy Cats Haven when her owners said they could no longer handle her energy and […]


Barbie came to Happy Cats Haven when she was found abandoned outside as a young, pregnant mother. A […]