Samuel & Sal

Samuel @ Happy Cats
Samuel had a lot of moves with his Air Force family and was ready for a quiet retirement when he came to us.

He’d been bullied at one of his earlier homes, so he wasn’t pleased with the other kitties at the Haven. He thought he was an Aristocat, a human who accidentally ended up as a cat. We soon came to agree with him!

Samuel @ Happy Cats

He took up residence in a single’s condo but soon took over the office chair, showing off his lovely coat and helping around the office whenever he got the chance.

With his dashing good looks, Samuel met a lot of people who wanted to adopt him. He often made it perfectly clear he wasn’t ready to go home yet by actually turning his back on people, like a grumpy old man.

Sal meets Sam

Then Sal came to visit. Apparently he was just the cat daddy Samuel was waiting for, because it was bromance at first sight!

Sal adopted Samuel 3 years ago and they are best buds. Sal says Samuel is a great assistant around the house and continues to have very strong opinions about things, but that’s just fine with Sal.

Sometimes we pick the cat and sometimes they pick us. Samuel waited over half his life to find just the right person. We’re so glad we could help them make just the right match for Samuel’s next 11 years!

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