cheetos @ Happy Cats
Cheetos came to Happy Cats after being found outside in a mobile home park in Woodland Park. There were 4 large dogs who were chasing him, so a kind samaritan took him in until we had room for him.

Clancy @ Cat SpecialistA big sweet boy, he was fond of everyone he met. Not long after that, Cat Specialist, one of our wonderful partner veterinarians, contacted us to say they were were looking for an office cat. They have a big beautiful practice and had just lost a longtime greeter cat. We thought Cheetos would be purrfect!

Cheetos is now Clancy and has lived up to our promises. He greets clients every day and is really good at his job! They have an amazing array of cat products and Clancy takes advantage of that, helping himself to a new cat toy whenever he wants. What a lucky ambassador cat he is!
Clancy at Cat Specialist

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