The flower Kitten says Hi from Texas!

Taiga – aka Lotus

Hi there, I just wanted to send a quick note as the Holidays are rolling around and thank all of you for our wonderful boy. We adopted one of the “flower kittens” – Lotus, last year in the fall. We had just lost our beloved cat and had a real hole in our lives. We ended up adopting a kitten from the PPHS but wanted to get him a buddy – because kittens are like chips! We settled on Lotus – now known as Taiga – to pair him with our fuzzy bundle of joy – Tundra. The two have become inseparable and together they make TV pretty much unnecessary. We recently had to move from Colorado Springs to Houston because of my job and the boys made the long trip with the rest of us – horses, dogs and fish, without missing a beat. They settled nicely into their new home and continue to provide oodles of reasons to be thankful for. Attached a baby picture and many happy purrs and cuddles.

Christina Heyne

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