Lady Gaga

Roxy @ Happy Cats
In 2011, Roxy was living in a very small house with two other cats and two large dogs. Her people had just had their second child and one of the grandmothers was living there too. There was barely room for one litter box and sometimes Roxy couldn’t get to it through all the people and animals. She had been banished to the garage for finding other places to urinate and had overgroomed her tummy to the skin from stress.

Roxy office catShe was 12 years old when she came to Happy Cats. As often happens with seniors, the stress of losing her home accelerated her hyperthyroidism. Dr. Olson at Cat Specialist kindly donated half the cost of the radioactive iodine treatment and Roxy became our first successfully treated hyperthyroid cat.

Roxy, HCH office cat

Roxy the Office Cat

Roxy lived in our office with another couple of cats. Disproving the adage, we did in fact teach this old cat some new tricks. She learned to do a fine High Five and caught the eye of Prudence when she came in to look for a friend for the cat she had.

Roxy on her baby grandPrudence took wonderful care of Roxy as the years went on. As Prudence says, “I changed her name to Lady Gaga, changed her diet and turned her life into one filled with life and love.” Lady Gaga was diagnosed with renal failure, but a diet change and fluids 3 times a week slowed the disease until August of this year. She was put to sleep curled up on Prudence’s lap.
Roxy at home
Prudence made a donation in Lady Gaga’s name, which we will put into Kiwi’s Fund to raise money for her echocardiogram. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of this beautiful tuxedo lady and giving her health, love and dignity in her later years.

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