Green-eyed Sandy

As you can see, beautiful green-eyed Sandy is on top of the world in her new home.

Sandy came to Happy Cats with her two sisters as catolescents after being flipped from living as feral. Meaning basically, she didn’t used to like people, now she does :-). She was initially adopted with her two sisters, but after one of them died, Sandy came back to us after having some health issues from possibly missing her sister.

We nursed her back to health and she blossomed into the beautiful green-eyed sweetie that she is today. A lovely couple from Canon City contacted us through Facebook to set up a visit with Sandy.

After visiting they decided to adopt her and as you can see, she is doing great in her new home. She even loves playtime and snuggles!

She loves her new cat-sibling, Toonces, who she even allowed to give her face and head a bath.

Her new catmom says, “She snuggles up next to us and naps halfway on our lap. And she loves to lay on my side when I am laying down. We are loving every minute of being with her!”



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