Stellar & Umbra

Umbra and Stellar were born to a feral mom who had them up underneath the siding in a Colorado Springs home. Their mom disappeared and their humans were left with the kittens.

They kindly offered to foster them and slowly won them over, with the help of some shy cat handling and clicker play. The kittens won them over too and deep dark Umbra and bright white Stellar became Foster Successes.

Fast forward 3 years. As often happens, people’s lives change. Their guardians now have a granddaughter on the East Coast and often have to leave the cats, which is stressful for them. Umbra is a little more shy and tends to overgroom when they have company or when they are left too long. Confident Stellar tends to talk a lot when things are troubling him. Neither are the sort of independent cat who doesn’t care about their people.

It was time to find them a more suitable home, but who would want a plain chocolate and vanilla pair like them?

Along came Teri and Paul, who wanted to give a sweet black cat a chance after losing their cat of 18 years. They hadn’t considered two, but after seeing handsome Stellar, they were ready to meet them.

Stellar put on his best behavior and even shy Umbra came out for them. It was like everyone knew that this was meant to be.

The trip to Parker was a little stressful, but they were in their new home in time for Christmas. Santa didn’t disappoint…he not only left them a brand new cat tree, but fresh catnip in their stockings! Even shy Umbra was purring on her new catmom’s lap at the end of the day.

Sometimes our people needs don’t match our cats’ needs. It’s OK to admit that a cat guardian may no longer be the best fit for a cat when lifestyles change dramatically and a cat can’t keep up. We’re here to keep finding that perfect match, especially when fate seems to intervene!

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