Cherry on top

Cherry and her sister Zoey were raised together in a home with too many cats. By the time they came to the Haven, they each had a litter of kittens…all girls!

They were cared for by a wonderful foster family who helped them with the kittens, as they helped each other. Mom cats in the wild will raise their babies together, taking turns going out for food while all the other aunties watch the little ones. Getting just these two moms and all their daughters spayed prevented the births of thousands of abandoned cats.

After the babies found their homes, the sisters were passed over time and again. We finally let Zoey find a lovely home by herself, but still Cherry waited. Friendly with people and good with cats, she was overlooked because she was black.

Finally, Nerissa came to visit. She was looking for a cat who would like living with the rescued greyhound she plans to get, and we knew that Cherry would be purrfect!

Nerissa says, “Cherry has been doing great and is honestly the easiest transition I’ve ever had adjusting a cat to a new home! Within the first hour of bringing her home she had already eaten, used the litter, explored every room, and was cuddling with me. She has had no accidents and been eating all of her food each day, and is a serious cuddle buddy. She’s a sweetie and I’m very happy to have her in my life! She’s even with me visiting my parents and is completely happy in their home and traveled very well.”

We can’t wait to hear about the next chapter in the life of this sweet girl who waited so long for her own catmom!

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