Aja & Starsky

Aja came to us as a single kitten, an orphan who was found with another younger family of kittens. At first, she was so terrified she stopped eating and even the other kittens weren’t a comfort to her. At 8 weeks, the clock was ticking on her socialization and her foster mom Genesis had to work quickly. Genesis used a technique called Fearful 2 Friendly and Aja went from attacking the cage to lying on her chest within a week.

When she came into the hustle and bustle of Happy Cats, she stayed reticent, letting us pet her occasionally. She played with her new cat friends but rarely cuddled with them.

Peggy had been looking for just the right kitty, someone with an independent spirit, and Aja seemed the perfect match.

At first, she stayed shy and wary of affection. Peggy worked hard to earn her trust and slowly she blossomed. Soon she was following her everywhere and stopped wanting to be alone…it was time for a friend!

She matched her with Starsky, another outgoing young cat, but this time, Aja was ready. She followed his lead and now hops up in Peggy’s lap nightly for her neck rub. She loves to play but remains the little lady, politely mewing for her string toys. She is very attentive and loving and has made Peggy’s home and life much more fun.

Peggy says, “Please consider nurturing a shy cat like Aja. They are unique animals and do not give their trust easily at times but once you continue to work on a relationship they are so very worthwhile!!”

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