Yuri at home

Gandalf was found outside Happy Cats, a big handsome silver cat who had obviously been abandoned for a while. He was thin and his paws were a wreck from living outside in the winter, but he was still remarkably trusting. We tried to find his original people, to no avail.

In foster care, he proved to be unflappable, adapting to both the toddler and the dog who lived there. He did the same with his cat friends when he came into the haven.

Along came Susan and David, who were looking for a cat with spirit and found their perfect match. Now Yuri, to reflect his Russian Blue heritage, he loves to talk to his people and sleep with them under the covers.

He clearly has one of the best views of the mountains, along with a loving home. He even sent us all a New Year’s message!

Gandalf (aka Yuri) here, pounding out the keys that spell “PALS” so all my four-legged friends will know that I am healthy and happy in my adopted home, and that I wish as well for all.

May the right family come through the door of Happy Cats Haven, choose you, and take each and every one of you home to your own wonderful new life chapter in 2017.

Love, Gandalf/Yuri

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