Amazing Daisy

Barely out of kittenhood herself, Endora was a Teen Mom who was found trying to keep herself and her 6 kittens alive in a small space between a garage and a shed.

Of course we put her into care with one of our wonderful foster families. She and they raised her Bewitched kittens to be happy, healthy little tykes. She was always outgoing and loving, so we thought she’d find her home quickly.

But when it came time for Endora to find a home of her own, it turned out she was still in Mama Bear mode. In her new home, she was still too defensive to be able to relax around the other cat and dog, defending her new territory, so back she came.

This time, she found her perfect cat daddy and now has him all to herself. Clayton named her Daisy and says, “She is such a talker that wants to be in constant contact. Some minor carpet clawing but it is being addressed and think she is very aware when she does something wrong. Daisy has been nothing short of amazing and settled in just fine.”

A soft cat and a warm fire on a cold winter’s night…sure looks that way to us!

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