Simon & Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel’s mom had them outside in a garage, where they were found along with another litter of kittens. A kind family took them inside and worked hard to get them comfortable with humans.

They were still apprehensive when they came to us at Happy Cats with their extended family, but we showered them with love too. Garfunkel was the most adventuresome, pushing Simon out of the way for pets at first. We taught them clicker play and slowly they learned to trust us.

Along came Glynn and Sheila, who were looking for just the right cats. They had a lifetime of working with shy cats, so they knew that, with love and support, these two handsome boys would blossom.

The boys got to go home before Christmas and were delighted to find their new home filled with things like cat toys and scratchers (including the wonderful Keebler scratcher we had at auction for our 5th Anniversary party!) that nurtured their natural cat instincts.

Simon and Garfunkel just turned a year! They are still best friends, playing hard and cuddling afterward, but now Simon is starting to be a lap cat and Garfunkel is thinking about it too. They even get to watch nature shows from National Geographic, searching for bugs behind the television :).

Thank you Sheila and Glynn for giving these sweet fellows everything they could ever have hoped for!

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