Denzel and Rudy

As you can see from this picture, Denzel and Rudy look like they have been friends their whole lives…

But that’s not quite the case…they actually came from two different (and very sad) beginnngs.

Rudy started out in a feral colony and was trapped through our TNR program, but Rudy was not quite feral. He was trapped with another kitten, who was a bit younger than him. This kitten was so small, she didn’t trigger the trap mechanism, but Barb wanted to make sure to get both of these kitties, so she waited and finally since Rudy was just a bit larger, he triggered the trap and she was able to rescue both of the kitties.

They were brought in to Happy Cats to be rehabilitated for adoption. They were not bonded to each other, so they were separated. Rudy was scared, and it took quite a while for him to become adoptable…then along came Denzel.

Sweet Denzel was sadly, left behind when his people moved out of their apartment. Not sure if they didn’t try to find a home for him, but he was abandoned outside…a nice person found him and thankfully brought him to Happy Cats, and guess what??

Rudy and Denzel found each other and became best friends. Not only that, but Denzel helped Rudy learn that people are okay, and life can be wonderful when you not only find your best cat friend, but also find your new cat mom…Simona…

Simona says, “They are doing really well! They are both very happy and relaxed. Denzel is taking his time warming up to my boyfriend, but he follows me around the house all day long. They are super cuddly, and they are still best friends (even though Rudy is starting to get a little jealous now that Denzel is getting equal amounts of attention). Rudy sleeps in bed with us every night. They LOOOOVE playing, I play with the laser pointer and this feather stick thing and they go nuts over it.”

So, this is not just one Happy Tale, but more like two Happy Tales, sort of a fairy tale in a way…

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