Lizzy @ Happy Cats

Lizzy was rescued from an abusive owner after he locked her out in December of 2011 when she was about to have her babies. She found her way into another apartment through the dog door, had her babies and then was frightened away by the dogs.

That person’s friend Sue called us for help with the 6 newborns. We were new at this cat rescue thing, but we all learned together. The Charlie Brown Gang was informally known as the OMG kittens because, well, that’s what everyone said when they met them.

Kittens @ Happy Cats Haven

Lizzy did well with other friendly cats. We thought she might go home with a couple of different ones, but as the months went by, she was left behind. She was shy and waited until everyone went home before she came out for purrs and pets, so it took a while before the right person came along. Sharon got down on her level, took her time and soon Lizzy was purring for her too.

Sharon now says, “She is such a sweet sweet cat. We have come a long way, at night she crawls into the crook of my arm under the covers and sleeps with her head on my shoulder! So precious!”

Look how relaxed Lizzy is, now that she’s safe. This just shows what love and patience can do :). Bless you, Sharon!

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