Kanna (Pineapple) and Fenrir (Papaya)

As you can see, my favorite snuggle buddy is my brother, Fenrir (FKA Papaya). My name is Kanna (FKA Pineapple) and my siblings and I had kind of a rough start in life.

Thankfully, we ended up at Happy Cats Haven where the wonderful staff and volunteers took good care of us. I am kind of shy and really am happy to have my brother with me.

“It is wonderful to hear them, they will wake up in the middle of the night and I can hear them running and playing around and made me feel like we really did the right thing giving these cats a good home. I wonder if they were ever able to run and chase each other around like that.”

“So far they’ve been really good and I feel like we’re very lucky to have such good cats who love each other and are coming to love us. I’m excited to see them grow up and to grow up with them and for us to bond and become a nice little family.”

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