Cat Guardian Angels

Cat Guardian AngelsOur Happy Cats are looking for their Cat Guardian Angels! We are the shelter that gives cats a kinder, gentler experience. We see the world through their eyes, helping them recover from losing their families and homes.

Our space is calm and comforting, tailored for the specific needs of cats. We treat them as individuals: with respect, compassion and positive reinforcement to make their stay as stress-free as possible.

We give our cats and our adopters all the time they need to reveal who they really are and handcraft the best possible match, with support long after the kitties go home.

If you believe in our mission, our love for the cats and our goal to make the world a better place for all of them, please consider supporting us into the future. Our biggest ongoing expenses are rent, utilities and veterinary care. Your recurring donation will ensure that we’ll be able to keep our cats safe, warm and healthy.

As a Cat Guardian Angel, your donation of at least $10 a month, $30 a quarter or $120 a year also gets you half off any qualified adoption, half off any item in our Happy Cats Shop (excluding large cat trees), free class attendance and your choice of a free t-shirt. We want to help you celebrate Happy Cats and all that we do!

The Colorado Gives website is a secure place to make your pledge to keep us going. Click here for Colorado Gives or on the button below, a secure way to help the kitties. Please indicate your donation is for the Guardian Angel program. Thank you from all of our Happy Cats!

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