Health Fund

Through our partner veterinarians, Happy Cats Haven provides basic medical care for our cats and kittens. However, sometimes a cat presents with an illness or condition after being admitted that needs treatment beyond our normal expenses. This health fund was created to afford to keep some special cats healthy while they wait to be adopted.

Can you help sweet Piper?

Can you help me?Little Piper was left outside to fend for herself as a kitten, unspayed and alone. She was attacked, probably by a dog, found terrified & in horrible pain from a severe wound on her rear leg. Our friends at Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital took her in & their kind veterinary team went to work repairing her leg.



Piper's woundAfter a grueling week of bandages, pain meds and anesthetic procedures, we all decided it was in Piper’s best interest to remove her leg. Two days after her amputation, Piper was walking and hopping on her three legs!




Sweet Piper
For such a tiny thing who has struggled so much in her short time on Earth, she is happy and eager for love. She gains strength every day and adores being held and petted, purring incessantly. She had never seen a toy, but foster mom Kate is teaching her how to be a kitten again. She does great with everyone in the house except Kate’s sweet dog, but who can blame her?


Thanks to your generous support we are able to help cats and kittens like Piper get the care they need to find their forever homes. If everyone chipped in just $5, we could cover the cost of Piper’s surgery and ongoing care.

Thanks so much for your caring gift…for Piper and the next cat in need!

We are a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is fully tax-deductible. The volunteers and cats thank you!